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I am calling you, dear Spiritual Empath, Highly Sensitive Person & Starseed!

Do you feel that something is holding you back from manifesting your dreams?

I want to teach you 5 STEPS THAT HELPED ME transform feelings, find motivation, take small steps further on my soul's path to self-healing and manifesting my dreams.

Is it difficult to put your finger on what is holding you back? Or do you lack the motivation, energy and zest for life to make the changes you know you need to make to get where you want to be?

Have you experienced difficult setbacks in your life where you can't see any way out to feel better?

Do you feel that you have a greater life purpose, a calling in life, waiting for you to take the steps to dare to live your dream and step into the unknown outside of your comfort zone?

Do you lack the tools you need to free yourself in body, mind and spirit, and need guidance in your process of peeling back all the layers that are holding you back?

I would not be who I am today if I had not gone through pain, sadness, exhaustion, depression, constant anxiety, fears and trauma, and acquired the self-healing tools that transformed my life. All events have enriched my life with knowledge and self-awareness and taught me to transform difficult emotions.

I now want to pass on the knowledge and experience that helped me, to help you further on your soul's path to self-healing and manifesting your dreams.

Let me be your guide, take my hand and let me lead you a little on the way to living your life's purpose in your full Power!


🌟How to find the motivation to create the changes you desire in your life.

🌟Find morning and evening routines that carry you through your everyday life and help you fill yourself with energy, passion and zest for life to take steps towards your dreams.

🌟How you can learn to use self-healing tools to release your emotions and transform them.

🌟Learning about what is holding you back from manifesting your dreams and finding out what your goals are, what you are passionate about, and taking small steps of actions to manifest them in your life.

🌟You will learn about the keys to the Law of Attraction and how you can use them in your everyday life.

🌟You will learn some proven powerful affirmations that, along with other tools, can change your life.

🌟You will learn self-healing tools such as chakra healing with laying on of hands, tapping, sound healing by intoning with the voice. (Your Chakras are your energy centers in the body that are connected to different areas of your life that may be blocked or in flow.)

🌟You will receive Awakening Spiritual Guidance with Angel Cards in a group, with messages that help you see your situation a little clearer.

🌟How you can use gratitude, meditation and water to strengthen yourself, your energy and manifest more of what you desire in your life.

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I hope you will give me a review when you joined the online course.

Until then I will share some reviews from my sessions and courses, to give you a feeling what I can help you with and you can feel safe to trust me and join the online course!

  • "It's a really big dream I have, maybe bordering on realistic, but as the champion I am, I, together with others, will succeed😊

    I know it's been a while now when we cleaned out a lot of old stuff and I now feel ready to start up my dream project again. Small steps forward!

    Thank you for your nice well-worked program Repanse, it has helped me find the glow again❤

    Thank you lovely Repanse for these 5 days. So many tools that I now take with me on my continued journey in life. So simple but so powerful I feel. I have found the fire again and am now in full swing with my big dream project. I believe in myself again. THANK YOU ❤" 

    Magnus B. Sweden


  • "Repanse's treatments are absolutely magical and have helped me further on my soul path. Thanks to her guidance, I have dared to make major life changes. She is outstanding! Repanse is warm-hearted, soft and enormously empathetic. At the same time completely accurate in its messages. Book with Repanse because it is a great blessing. Am So Grateful!!!” 

    Petrine U.

    Coaching Session, Intuitive Shamanic Healing & Awake Spiritual Guidance Distance Healing, Awake Spiritual Guidance Phone Sitting, Awake Spiritual Guidance Written, Coaching, Healing & Guidance on site

  • "I just want to thank you for the guidance, there is so much that hits just right and confirms exactly how they are and how they feel. I have read your email so many times already and it makes me both strong and determined. Thank you so much, it really started something inside me ❤️See you again!” 

    Malin S.

    Awake Spiritual Guidance Written, approx. 4 A4 pages on PDF

  • “I feel calm and the stress pain that I came with is gone. What I feel is love, grounded like a tree with contact between heaven and earth. Good arrangement between movement, rest, listening and participation. I liked the music meditation the best. It fits on Mundekulla. I would love to come back.” 

    Anja S.

    Full-day Retreat Medicine of the heart

  • "After the course, the body feels warm and calm. What I liked most was the depth of what we did.” 


    Full-day Retreat Medicine of the heart

  • "After the course, I feel tired and calm and inspired. That was nice. I liked music for the meditation the most. Your song and fairy tale.” 


    Full-day Retreat Medicine of the heart

  • "After the course, I feel warm, overwhelmed with love. So beautiful, so wonderfully led by you in presence, love, clear. I liked most everything, including the food, the beautiful room, the chakra sound. Chakra sounding with affirmations was so good.” 


    Full-day Retreat Medicine of the heart

  • "After the course, the body feels relaxed - ready to sleep for a while. In the mind – joy, at ease, filled with so much wisdom and beauty. I am very satisfied with the course. Enjoyed a lot, but perhaps most the guided meditation with music.” 

    Dorte S.

    Full-day Retreat Medicine of the heart

  • "Thank you Repanse. The day with you was beautiful. It was soft, gentle, fluid and rewarding. I learned feeling different parts of my body and mind that I have not seen before and you have awakened my desire to dance which I never had before. I appreciate that we did so many different exercises and didn't get snowed in us on something specific. You have a gentle and soft aura and voice. Thank you for what you did today and for things you do every other day. Thank you for daring to be yourself, beautiful Repanse.” 


    Full Day Retreat The Healing Human

  • “Quiet and relaxing. Especially liked the part with chakra toning, meditation, the voice exercises and the games. Good, reasonably fast and fun exercises. Well done!"

    Full Day Retreat The Healing Human

Who am I?

About Repanse Lionheart Swansong Morningstar:

Repanse walk the Shamanic path

Repanse has overcome exhaustion, depression, childhood trauma, past life trauma, her twinflame's traumatic psychosis, loss and grief of a soulmate and her twinflame taking their own lives. It has shaped Repanse into the strong person she is today. Who overcome challenges, find ways to heal and share their experiences and tools, to help others find home to themselves, heal and manifest their dreams!


If it wasn't for everything Repanse has been through, she wouldn't be who she is today.

Thanks to the difficult experiences Repanse has gone through, she can help others in similar difficult situations and share her experiences, tools to transform, empathy and understanding.

Repanse has helped people become more relaxed, land in the body. Release fears, stress, trauma and burdens. See new perspectives on life and find home in one selves. Take care of your gifts and dare to realize your dreams in their full power!

Repanse is a best-selling author with the multi-author book "ELFÖDD" (FIREBORN) which came out in February 2021. As well as the book "JORDNÄRA" (EARTHY), which came out in May 2022. Where she writes about her spiritual awakening and development through life, from loss, grief, trauma, exhaustion and Depression. Where she turns adversity into success, with an inner strength, courage and kindness that shows others the way, that everything is possible if you believe. Her close contact with Mother Earth, the animals, plants, angels, souls and the Divine whole is her source of power and guide in life.

Repanse awakening began in 2010 at the age of 17. A son of one newfound friend, took his own life. It led her on a long inner journey, where she came into contact with the son in the spirit world. Intuitive writing began. With the increasingly deepened relationship with nature, Repanse developed plant and animal communication and conversation with angels and spirits. She wrote many poems that became the basis for a book "Together we can create a World in Love and Beauty" which will be published in the future, as well as created self-composed "Sacred healing songs" which will be released on CD in the future.

Since childhood, Repanse has had close contact with animals and nature, and has a musical and artistic creative talent.

She came into contact with "The Healing Voice". Attended training and courses in Storytelling, Vedic Art, Biodynamic Massage, Organic and Biodynamic Gardening and Animal Husbandry, Crafts, Earth Heart Dance, Natural Medicine, Sacred Healing Circle Dance. Trained as First Aider for Mental Health.

The various self-healing tools Repanse used to heal herself and others.

I hope to see you in the 5 DAYS FREE ONLINE COURSE!

With warm greetings, Light, Love and Angel Blessings to you.